NIKE WOMEN - Euro 2022

In the context of the European Football Championship, NIKE and HALAL worked together on a lifestyle campaign, that sheds light on the collectives who are helping women to move the game forwards, on and off pitch. 

For this story, HALAL worked on developing a narrative with street footballer Rocky Hehakaija.

Through a series of photographs and one short video, Rocky expresses that football is about togetherness and belonging to a diverse community. It all started for her in Amsterdam- her playground. Rocky founded Favela Street, a charity that gives young people the power to self-organise and coach football activities in their local communities.

This story was posted on NIKE Women's instagram channel which counts 7.2M followers.

Story shot by Coco Olakunle and directed by Arthur Couvat.



Client: NIKE Women
Role: Account Manager
Creative agency: HALAL Studios
Production agency: HALAL
Photographer: Coco Olakunle / DOP: Arthur Couvat 


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