Our mission with MUTO was to build the brand from scratch and prepare them to enter the crowded Dutch market with powerful communication tools.

Main competitor in Amsterdam being VanMoof, the task wasn’t easy; but its unique benefit makes the difference. MUTO is the first Multi-Purpose eBike, adaptable in one click. You can switch accessories in one go thanks to its ‘Click’n’Roll’ system, making MUTO a very easy eBike to use for the whole family and suited to your needs.

Brand Articulations developed a brand positioning, ‘Bring More To Life’, a tone of voice including product naming as well as a strong visual language, the ‘MUTO Hexagon’. Such devices were used in all brand launch assets, from social gifs to outdoor print, to PR event/stunts.


Manifesto written by Brand Articulations:

Muto's mission is simple: We believe that by helping people bring more to their lives, we'll help them get more out of life.

That's why we’ve created the world's first Multi-Purpose E-bike. Our radically flexible, Click & Roll carrier system allows you to configure and re-configure your Muto in a matter of seconds. So whether you're heading from A to B or A to Z, you can arrive at your destination with all your stuff and a smile on your face.

We are constantly thinking up, designing and creating new ways to solve your mobility and transportation challenges. In this way, we are on a never-ending quest to help more people bring more things to their lives with ease.

Call us crazy, but we believe that if we can improve how people make their way through the city, we might just be able to help improve the city as well.

Muto. Bring more to life.



Client: MUTO
Role: Creative Producer
Creative agency: Brand Articulations/ Studio LORE
3D agency: Circus Family
Website design agency: Label A
Welder / Sculpture artist: Joost Zwangerman
Visualisation agency: Roughmen

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